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The KBC Dublin Marathon race organisers have today announced that there will be a record 25,000 entries for the 2020 KBC Dublin Marathon. This represents an increase of 2,500 from the 22,500 entries available in 2019. The new lottery system has revealed that there are over 35,000 interested in participating in the 2020 event. 16,200 entries have been received from runners who had participated in any of the 2017, 2018 & 2019 editions of the event, who were guaranteed a place in the 2020 KBC Dublin Marathon. 1,000 entries are allocated to sponsors and tour operators, with a further 1,300 allocated to “Good for Age” Athletics Ireland membership in addition to the 16,100 lottery applications bringing the overall estimated demand to 35,000. 6,500 successful lottery applicants will today (Friday 10th January) receive their code and will have until 31st January to claim their entry with a second round of allocations in February.

KBC Dublin Marathon Race Director, Jim Aughney commented: “A key objective from the outset of the Dublin Marathon Board, who are volunteers was to promote marathon running in Ireland and it is great to see such strong interest in this year’s event.”

He added: “We know that there will be many runners disappointed today, but we cannot accommodate all interested individuals as we pride ourselves on delivering a quality event as the health and safety of participants is our primary concern. However, given that we now have an indication of the overall interest levels in participation this will allow us to have meaningful conversations with our many stakeholders around the future and further development of the KBC Dublin Marathon.”

Lottery Entries:

The remaining 6,500 available entries to the 2020 KBC Dublin Marathon have this year for the first time been determined by a lottery system. There were 16,100 lottery applications in total.

Key Lottery Dates:

10th January –  Round 1: Registrants will learn via email or SMS whether they were successful or unsuccessful.

31st January – Deadline 1: Deadline for successful lottery registrants from round one to redeem their entry.

7th February – Round 2: Any unclaimed places from round one will be re-allocated to lottery registrants.

14th February – Deadline 2: Deadline for successful lottery registrants from round two to redeem their entry.

1st August – Round 3: Any unallocated numbers from refunds to be offered to any unsuccessful lottery registrants.

14th August – Deadline 3: Deadline for successful lottery registrants to redeem their entry.

Lottery Process

All unsuccessful lottery applicants will receive a refund of their €15 after 14th February. An option to allow 2020 KBC Dublin Marathon entrants to claim a refund will be made available in July. A refund of 70% of the entry fee will be returned once the refund application has been accepted. Any unallocated entries (such as refunded numbers) will be offered to any unsuccessful lottery applicants on 1st August with offers needing to be redeemed by 14th August.

Guaranteed Entries

Guaranteed entry to the 2020 KBC Dublin Marathon was offered in November 2019 to runners who had participated in any of the 2019, 2018 or 2017 editions of the Dublin Marathon. 16,200 of these previous participants have availed of this offer to secure their 2020 entry. A further 1,300 entries are allocated to Athletics Ireland membership, who are part of the Athletics Ireland National Marathon Championships.

Overall Demand Estimated to be 35,000

A significant factor in the move to the lottery system for this year’s race, in addition to the increasing demand experienced in recent years, was to enable the race organisers gauge the total level of interest in participation in the KBC Dublin Marathon allowing them to plan for the future development of the event in consultation with the event’s multiple stakeholders.

The total number of guaranteed entries claimed by previous participants as well as the significant number of applications for the lottery indicates that there are some 35,000 people interested in participating in the KBC Dublin Marathon. This represents phenomenal growth from the 2,100 people that lined up at the start of the very first Dublin Marathon in 1980.

Questions? please use this link to FAQ KBC Dublin Marathon Lottery Allocation


About Entry for the 2020 KBC Dublin Marathon

  • There will be 25,000 places available, with a number of these places allocated to Athletics Ireland membership. Athletics Ireland members will qualify under the Good For Agestandards and can apply on April 1st and must have a valid Athletics Ireland membership.
  • Lottery event opened to the public from November 1st to Saturday 30th November 2019 at midnight via a public webpage hosted by Eventmaster. The lottery is now closed.
  • The KBC Dublin Marathon will select successful lottery applications randomly but, in a manner, to ensure that the current balance of Irish and overseas runners and runners of all abilities is maintained.
  • Eventmaster will issue SMS to be sent to the successful applicants with a direct link to register for the event. Access link will direct the user to their registration page on the 2020 marathon event with the data from the lottery pre-populated – Name, email, gender, DOB, mobile will not be editable, ensuring that only the selected applicant can use that lottery link. Fee of €75 to enter (€90 less €15 already paid) + additional purchases and booking fee (€3) as normal. Successful applicants will have until MIDNIGHT 31st January to use the link. Email reminders will be issued.
  • Applicants who have been unsuccessful with will receive an email to inform them.
  • Any places not redeemed will be offered via lottery system to those originally unsuccessful on 7th February 2020 with offers needing to be redeemed by 14th February.
  • Refund option opens in July 2020. A refund of 70% of the entry fee will be returned once your application has been accepted. The refund will be available on “Manage My Bookings” from your entry confirmation link. This will be the only opportunity to avail of a refund for 2020.
  • There will be no option to reallocate numbers to other runners.
  • Any unallocated numbers to be offered to any unsuccessful lottery applicants in August with offers needing to be redeemed by 14th
  • Refund issued of €15 to those that were unsuccessful.

About the KBC Dublin Marathon Race Organisers:

The KBC Dublin Marathon is run by a volunteer board under the auspices of Marathon Events Management DAC, a not for profit company, with any surplus funds generated from the organisation, promotion, development and management of the KBC Dublin Marathon and Race Series reinvested in the following year’s events.

Good For Age Standards from a Marathon (updated post-2019 event) in the period 1st January 2018 to April 26th 2020

Use this link to register for a place https://eventmaster.ie/event/eeKirKF8x

Athletic Northern Ireland runners please use this link https://eventmaster.ie/event/3dxfx4tZW

Find your KBC Dublin Marathon race number from 2017, 2018 or 2019 from below link to TDL results.


Open to Athletics Ireland members, (please have your AAI membership number ready when applying and ensure your entry name matches the name on your AAI membership) who are part of the Athletics Ireland National Marathon Championships. Please also have your race number from any of the Dublin Marathons in the qualifying period stated above (locate your race number from our results section). If you are using any other Marathon please have a link to your own result ready when entering.

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