Enter Marathon

Entering the Marathon


Sorry NO non-competitor (children, partner etc) allowed to enter the course or cross the finish line with you. Failure to comply may lead to disqualification.

Entry fee:  The first 7,000 entries are at €70, the next 7,000 are at €80 and the last 6,000 are at €90.

You do not require a QUALIFYING TIME to enter.

There are 4 wave starts:  You will be assigned a wave based on your previous marathon time or an estimated time if you are a first time marathoner when the entries close. You can drop down a wave from what you have been assigned.

The race route is open for 7 hours. All entries must start in their allotted wave. There is no early start.

To find out details of VideoDoc and their offer to entries click on Logo.

Entry Fee

CATEGORY EU Resident Rest of World
First 7,000 €70 €70
Next 7,000 €80 €80
Rest of Entries €90 €90

Overseas runners click on the TOURS icon below for entry with hotel packages - STILL AVAILABLE




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