KBC Dublin Marathon and iTAB

Have you already entered the KBC Dublin Marathon on 27th October or the KBC Dublin Half Marathon on 21st September?  Or are you still planning to enter? Either way, iTAB is an innovative way to celebrate your achievement on race day – by personalizing your Dublin race medal.

By adding an iTAB to your medal, you can personalise it with your name, finish time. It’s simple, memorable, and encourages you to celebrate your achievement by showing your iTAB to friends and family – or sharing an image of it online.

How iTAB works

Your iTAB fixes neatly on to the reverse of your medal, so you can always remember what time you finished the race in – and share the story of your race day with your supporters, sponsors or fellow participants.

How to order

Ordering an iTAB is easy. Just select the iTAB option within the registration flow. Or sign in to your race account and add your iTAB today by making sure the iTAB option is selected.

The iTAB team will mail the special personalized plate to you after the race – so you can fix it to your medal and share your personalized Dublin memento with pride.

You can order also post-race via: https://www.itab.us.com/product/dublin-marathon/

Any questions about iTAB?

If you have any queries at all about iTAB, check out the iTAB FAQs – where you’ll also find details of iTAB’s dedicated customer service team.

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