The KBC Dublin Marathon is committed to the continued review and implementation of sustainability strategies and environmentally friendly practices throughout the race in Dublin this October.

Sustainability management has become an increasingly important consideration for the KBC Dublin Marathon organising committee, and we have introduced new measures this year to address sustainability concerns and ensure we are setting high standards for such a large public event. These new measures include:

  • Goodie bags; the KBC Dublin Marathon goodie bags used to distribute items to participants after each race in the Race Series will now be 100% compostable for the first time
  • Baggage bags; the baggage bags used by runners to store their clothing during the marathon will be made from Oxo-degradableplastic for the first time
  • Bottles; at present, about 10% of the bottles deployed on race day are recycled, and the remainder are used as a fuel for power stations. This year, extra clean-up teams will be in place to collect bottles from the course in a timely manner, with support from the relevant local authorities, this will result in 0% of the of bottles from the event ending up in landfill
  • Thorntons Recycling; we will also employ the professional services of Thorntons recycling to assist with the clean-up.  Thorntons will increase the number of collection bins by 300% this year, to enable the collection of clean bottles. The unused bottles are donated to local running clubs for their races.
  • At each of our events Thorntons will provide Colour Coded bins to enable Segregation of recyclable streams including paper, cardboard, plastics, cardboard, and all organics for composting and for further diversion from landfill.
  • All clothes discarded at the start will be collected by Liberty charity and re-used.
  • Race instructions and registration materials will be digital, not printed.
  • Not all race numbers will be printed as we expect a drop off from the figures entered so less waste of excess numbers.
  • All branding material, banners and scrim will be collected and reused.
  • All generators used will be fitted with either Exhaust Gas Recirculation or a Diesel Particular filter depending on the size of Generator.
  • All left over Goodie Bags from the finish of the KBC Dublin Marathon will be collected and used by Simon Community.
  • Lucozade Sport will be trialling fully compostable cups at this year’s marathon as part of their plans to drive sustainability at mass-participation sporting events.

The KBC Dublin Marathon has on ongoing focus on sustainability management for its Race Series, which is integrated into our long-term strategy for the continued success of this event.

Additional information on the KBC Race Series:

For the KBC Race Series we will expand our highly popular Bike Parking available at all events. To reduce the car journeys, we will have shuttle bus transfers from the local train station to and from the events. Eco-sustainability, routes in green and pedestrianised areas or with low impact for vehicular circulation are used in all events. The South Dublin 10K starts and finishes in Grange Castle Business park and passes through Corkagh Park before returning using the Grand Canal. The Frank Duffy 10 mile and Half Marathon are run within Europe’s largest enclosed park, the Phoenix Park.

The KBC Dublin Marathon organising committee is highly committed to setting sustainability standards that are world class and in doing so are setting a road for other event organisers to follow.

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